Our Story

Our Name

We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. Rhea is compassionate, thoughtful, creative, and perceptive! She absolutely loves to learn and often asks us deep and thought-provoking questions, causing us to pause and reconsider the ways of the world as we know them. Ella is affectionate, energetic, adventurous, and funny! She often provides the much needed comic relief when life gets stressful. She loves to play and reminds us daily to stop and find joy in the present moment!

The name RaeElle comes from the first syllables of their names. We have enjoyed rediscovering the world through their eyes and wanted our photography business to reflect that!

Our Business

RaeElle Photography was started by husband and wife team, Rich and Heather Becker, in 2007. We have strong backgrounds in customer service and have always loved working with people. Realizing we also had a passion for the art of photography made starting this business a natural course to take.

We quickly discovered the photographs we loved most were the genuine moments we captured…the real emotion and fleeting interactions. These were the photographs that made us laugh, made us cry, and took our breath away. We have made it a priority to learn about you and use our lens to tell the world about who you are right now.

It is the most rewarding work we have ever done and we are better people because of those of you whom we have met and photographed. Thank you for inviting us into the special occasions in your life, and for allowing us to capture you and your family in a beautiful and timeless way!

We have made it a priority to learn about you and use our lens to tell the world about who you are right now.

Our Photographers

Rich – I have always had a creative side and even dabbled in a bit of film and cinematography through the years. Photography has provided me with a way to express and develop this part of who I am and has made me see the world in a different light. Overgrown fields, dilapidated buildings, and older towns might be an eye sore for some, but have become interesting and beautiful backdrops to some of my very best work.

Heather – When I look at the world I see endless possibilities and countless opportunities. I tend to think outside the box and choose the non-traditional route in many areas of life. And I’ve always had an interest in fine arts like creative writing, music, dance and photography. When I’m behind the camera, I love that I can simply change my angle and capture everyday things in a new and exciting way!